all about me

Mark Bader
Photographer & Filmmaker

Self taught, photography consumed my teenage years. I started working in London for a well known photographer as his assistant, after four years, at the tender age of 23 I launched myself into the world as a freelance photographer.  I have been working with images, both still and moving ever since. 

My commercial work as a photographer and filmmaker has afforded me the privilege of travelling all over the world. Working predominantly within the travel and lifestyle sector I have created campaigns for many iconic travel brands, agencies and have long standing relationships with top art directors and creatives from all fields. 

In my photography I try to create images where the narrative is constrained within the bounds of the frame. My work is filmic and almost entirely framed horizontally which helps to create a cinematic sense to each image. I carry a camera with me most of the time and have a desire to take photographs most days. I possess a never ending enthusiasm for street photography.

What We Do:

I work with a small dedicated team of loyal creatives.  Photographic assistants, camera operators, 1st AC’s and editors. We are a highly experienced, multi-disciplined and motivated crew with a large arsenal of kit to hand. We have filmed and photographed in some extreme locations and in some pretty extreme conditions, from the heat of Mokoko, the floating slums of Lagos Nigeria, to the chaotic streets of New York, finger freezing Alpine locations, sun drenched beaches ( we like those ), a long list of major cities,  the ever challenging environments of factories and manufacturing plants around the world and the relative comfort of studios and location houses both here and abroad.

We are always up for a new challenge and a new adventure, both logistically and creatively. When you’re next looking for an experienced team to bring your creative vision to life,  get in touch and let’s discuss the possibilities.

To make enquiries  call +44 (0)7979964994 or drop me a line